Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Manager

OceanManager – Knowledge Manager is the online version of our Knowledge Management System (KMS) desktop product. Now the user can access Document Manager in a browser without installing any specific software on their client machine. The Knowledge Manager module helps with:

  • Document tracking and management across vessels and offices
  • Hierarchical structure for managing documents in local and virtual workspace
  • Providing a common infrastructure for secure information flow
  • Reducing bandwidth cost with its intelligent data synchronizer
  • Document deletion, modification and renaming along with version and change tracking.

Compliant with SOLAS Chapters, other IMO regulations/codes – Chapter IX (Management for the Safe Operation of Ships, ISM code)


  • Versatile document handling, powerful search engine, quick link and SMS link
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Access permissions
  • Flexible, intuitive interface and quick access links